Whether you consider yourself a sophisticated marketer or a novice, we understand you’re likely wearing many hats and juggling multiple responsibilities, and time is your most valuable asset. So, this quarter we’re announcing new features to make your marketing life a little easier — helping you seamlessly reach more of your target audience and grow your brand community all while measuring impact each step of the way. Check out our new features below and how we think they might be able to help you.

Give Your Posts a “Boost”  

Many of you have likely experienced this — you post from your LinkedIn Page, start to see some exciting reactions, but you see the potential for even more engagement if only you could easily share it with a bigger audience, on the spot. Now, you can. Starting today, you can easily “Boost” any high-performing organic post directly from your LinkedIn Page. With the click of a button and a few payment details, you can easily give your most engaging or time-sensitive content a little boost to quickly expand your audience reach. It’s as simple as it sounds, and the newest way to reach a broader audience without having to learn how to use any new marketing tools.