• Facebook and Instagram weren’t designed for people under the age of 13, so we’re creating new ways to stop those who are underage from signing up.
  • We’re developing AI to find and remove underaged accounts, and new solutions to verify people’s ages. 
  • We’re also building new experiences designed specifically for those under 13.

As per our terms, we require people to be at least 13 years old to sign up for Facebook or Instagram. In some countries, our minimum age is higher. When people open our apps to sign up for an account, we ask them for their birthday. This is called an age screen. Those who are underage are not allowed to sign up, and we restrict people who repeatedly try to enter different birthdays into the age screen. But verifying someone’s age is not as simple as it might sound. While age screens are common in our industry, young people can — and often do — get around them by misrepresenting their age. So how are we addressing this problem?