One of our favourite things to do is watch brand behaviour on social media. It is also particularly interesting to recognise how brands utilise national holidays and awareness days on social media.

This year, from Monday 16 May to Sunday 22 May, National Stationery Week celebrates ‘Seven Days of Stationery’. We can expect fun activities and competitions, as well as many creative social media posts.

So, if you are a self-confessed ‘Stationery Addict’ or just a lover of brands on social media, here are our suggestions for brands to follow this Stationery Week.

Martha Brook London

Martha Brook can only be described as a pastel planet. Their signature peachy-pink remains a constant across their social media platforms, and it is extremely representative of their brand. They are any planner’s dream, with products mainly surrounding desk accessories, wedding planners and they even offer a vegan leather collection full of notepads and pencil cases. Just when you thought that their range couldn’t get any better, they even offer personalisation on most products.

Their Instagram feed is filled with beautiful imagery of their products on desks that we could only dream of upkeeping. Pretty pink vases, beautiful flowers and yummy pastries are outshone by their diaries, planners and stationery.

This April Fools Day, Martha Brook fooled many into believing that they were introducing ‘The Edible Notebook’ and fans absolutely loved the fun and engaging content! Their TikTok is full of satisfying and aesthetic videos and despite them being relatively new to the platform, their content is a big hit with fans. We cannot wait to see what Martha Brook gets up to this National Stationery Week, we’ve got high expectations!


Filofax is an iconic brand here in the UK. Their products are to the organiser industry as the Hoover is to the vacuum industry, specialising in organisers, notebooks and other classic stationery that any organiser would love. Not only are their products at such a high standard, but their social media presence is also next to none.

An integral part of Filfax is its rich history. Established in 1921, they are continuously adapting and moving with the times. In the late 20th Century, the brand was featured heavily in media- specifically movies and TV shows of the time. Such as the Seinfeld episode ‘Bizarro Jerry’ and the film Taking Care of Business (which was released in the UK as Filofax). More recent appearances include Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me and Marley and Me.

Evidently, this brand and its products have been versatile for over 100 years, and social media is no exception. Their current social media presence shows sophistication and is certainly ‘insta worthy’.

A nice little touch on their Instagram is their separation of collections on Instagram highlights, making it easier for consumers to find what products appeal to them.

If you head over to their Pinterest, you will be in home-office heaven. Although the aesthetic translates from Instagram to Pinterest, their content can be distinguished between the two. They keep the separate social media platforms unique, encouraging consumers to follow them on all platforms.


We’re going to go out on a whim here and assume that you have definitely used a STABILO product before. Their fineliners are their main seller and most associated item in their range, but their highlighters and pens are also very recognisable. For over 160 years STABILO has been creating iconic pens and pencils. They are a global household name, with over 1,500 employees. Although they are originally from Germany, they have made great traction here in the UK for many years and are a nationwide favourite.

The STABILOUK Instagram is full of artwork created by consumers using the STABILO products. They inspire fans to want to get creative and produce art. This is what sets them apart from the other two companies on this list. Although their posts are still aesthetic and create great social imagery, their main social media selling point is their functionality and demonstrating the usefulness of the products.

Their social media shows that they are so much more than just a ‘pen company’. Their user-curated Instagram encourages engagement with consumers using the hashtag #MYSTABILO. Not only do consumers see the artist and the artwork, they see what products they used to create that work- which is very smart marketing.

On Facebook, STABILO provides free wallpapers for fans with a common theme of happiness and positivity. Their creative challenges are a key part of their social media marketing, and they are very popular. This is not surprising considering the rise in popularity of fun and positive challenges on Instagram and TikTok.


There are so many amazing stationery brand social media accounts, but these three certainly stood out to us and we are excited to see what they do on National Stationery Week. We really recommend following these accounts as they are all very conscious of trends but are able to adapt them to their own content. There are also some helpful social media tips that we can take from their content:

  1. Stay on brand. Use your company colours and make your social media feeds recognisable at an instant glance. Build up that recognition and hopefully, consumers will associate certain colours, fonts or other attributes with your brand.
  2. Share and tag product or service shares by your audience on your Instagram channel and website. Create fun challenges that get people engaging with your brand whilst having fun.
  3. Have a different content strategy for each social media network. Know why consumers use each platform and adapt your messaging accordingly.

Luan Wise is the Editor of TheLighthouse.Social